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After joining the cadets, boys will be issued with a uniform free of charge. The uniform remains the property of the army and must be handed back when the cadet leaves. Cadets are expected to look after their uniform and arrive smartly presented in uniform on Wednesday parades. They are required to purchase their own boots at a cost of around £20.

All cadets follow a curriculum of including the following proficiency subjects:
• Drill
• Map and Compass/navigation
• Skill at arms
• Fieldcraft
• Shooting
• First aid
• Adventurous training
• Physical achievement
• Military knowledge

Cadets normally go on at least 4 weekend camps per year including Christmas, Easter, first aid and fieldcraft. The main event of the year is a two week annual camp during the summer holiday. There are also sporting events such as football, athletics and cross-country and ceremonial events such as Remembrance Sunday.

Cadets are expected to attend all parade nights and weekend activities. In order to gain the maximum benefit from being a cadet a degree of commitment is required. This should be borne in mind if you are also a member of other clubs or sporting activities.