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Religious Studies

Religious Studies Department Staff

Darren Woods - Subject Leader (Deputy Head of Sixth Form)

Garry Swinton - Teacher (School Chaplain)

Pauline Bookal-Downes – Teacher
Joy Tilsley – Teacher


At Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8) pupils cover a range of engaging, motivating and stimulating topics that promote self awareness, respect for all and open-mindedness. Pupils have the opportunity to explore a variety of religious faiths and reflect on their own beliefs.

At Key Stage 4 (Years 9, 10 and 11) all groups will follow Edexcel’s GCSE Religious Studies syllabus focusing on moral issues and core beliefs from the perspectives of Christianity and Islam. The content revolves around the role of religion in life and society as a whole.

It is our intention that two of the five RS groups in Year 9 will complete their GCSE in two years, taking their final examinations at the end of Year 10. The remaining groups, who find the content more challenging, will be encouraged to complete their GCSE over three years, giving them the time and support to secure a GCSE Grade C and possibly aspire to a GCSE Grade B at the end of Year 11. In 2012, there will be scope for some pupils to complete a further GCSE in Philosophy and/or Critical Thinking in preparation AS courses.

Pupils who enjoy this subject will require a minimum Grade B in English to study Edexcel’s Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced GCE Religious Studies specification.
This qualification will give students access to a range of career and higher education opportunities. Religious Studies combines well with almost all other humanities subjects such as History, Geography and English. In addition, if taken with Mathematics and sciences, Religious Studies will give students a broad-based curriculum.

The course provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in collecting, synthesising and interpreting information from a range of sources, and to consider issues from a range of perspectives. These skills are highly valued by a range of professions, such as public services and the caring professions.


In conjunction with Grey Coat Hospital School, Year 12 attend an RS Sixth Form conference giving them the opportunity to discuss contemporary religious issues with guest speakers.
Throughout the year, the school chaplain runs a variety of projects including confirmation classes.
The department runs a Christian Union group that encourages pupils from all faiths to attend and discuss their beliefs.

Additional Support

Religious studies teachers deliver revision classes during school holidays, weekends and in the mornings during the examination seasons to support those students who feel they need extra support or wish to extend their learning further.