School Life

    We are confident that our strong moral and spiritual framework and commitment to educate boys to the highest standards will ensure that your son develops and prospers during his years at our Central London school and sixth form.

    We believe that education should be a challenging and enjoyable experience where hard work and desire to achieve the best bring their own rewards. We are dedicated to excellent educational provision and strive to provide a first class school and sixth form education founded on principles that:

    • Promote spiritual growth within the Christian foundation of the school; treating everyone justly regardless of religious belief, ethnic origin or social background;
    • Ensure high quality teaching and learning which builds upon the important partnership between home and school;
    • Fosters high aspirations and a culture of life-long learning enabling pupils to develop their personality, talents and abilities to the full;
    • Have high expectations of individual performance promoting independent learning, excellence academically, in sport, and the performing arts;
    • Offer an organised, effective and well-resourced learning environment within which pupils can flourish, enjoy and achieve.

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    Student Council

    Westminster City School is committed to involving pupils in the leadership and development of their school. Some pupils are prefects who help support the smooth running of the school, while others are mentors who advise and support their fellow pupils. We also have pupil Ambassadors who represent the school at events and functions both at school and in the community in and around Central London.

    Involving students in their own education helps them take responsibility and know how to organise their time and their learning. They learn how to work with others, including adults, in a positive way and they will develop precisely the skills and attitudes that universities and employers will be looking for in the future.

    During their academic development we also encourage our pupils to develop self-confidence and a moral purpose. Boys are encouraged to try as many new activities as possible so they can discover what it is they enjoy. We believe boys who enjoy coming to school will excel not only academically but spiritually and morally too.

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    I like our school as I have had many sporting trips... in Year 8 I went to Belgium for four days to play football.

    Gabriel Zubairu 11W

    Form Groups

    We admit 140 boys in each year group, arranged in six forms. Each form is named after one of the six houses of the school and is known by the initial letter of the house name. A tutor is assigned to each form who has oversight of each pupil’s pastoral well-being and academic progress. The form tutor is the primary point of contact between parents and Westminster school.

    School Houses

    Our Westminster school has six houses. Four of them are named after the benefactors of the original foundations from which Westminster City School has developed; Waterlow commemorates the first chairman of the governing body; the sixth and newest is St Margaret’s, named after the church in which we worship.

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