Progress & Welfare

    The well-being of our pupils lies at the heart of what we do at Westminster City School. We pride ourselves on cultivating a unique learning community aiming for continual progress and are dedicated to helping our pupils and sixth form students fulfil their potential. Our exceptionally high attendance rates are an endorsement that our pupils enjoy coming to school and value the opportunities offered to them.

    Every member of staff accepts responsibility for the academic and personal development of their pupils. Immediate responsibility for the personal welfare of each pupil rests with the form tutors who register attendance, monitor academic progress and promote pupils’ general well-being.

    We use rewards to create a positive ethos in the school. As well as rewarding pupils for 100 percent attendance and punctuality, we reward work of high quality, improving on past achievements and consistent hard work and service to our local community here in Central London. Assemblies celebrate pupils’ achievements as does our annual Celebration of Achievement Evening at Westminster Abbey.

    We understand that all families are different and that it is our role to complement the work of parents whom we expect to be full partners in supporting and encouraging their children. In all this, working closely together is essential - parents, pupils and the school communicating easily with each other to help cultivate an optimal learning environment.

    We have a dedicated team of of staff who are the first point of contact for parents.

    Progress & Welfare Officers

    Mr Lionel Bush Progress & Welfare Officer Year 7 

    Mr Matt Grime Progress & Welfare Officer Year 8

    Mr Tao Henderson Progress & Welfare Officer Year 9

    Mr Sam Morrow Progress & Welfare Officer Years 10 & 11

    Ms Sonia Wadhwani Sixth Form Progress & Welfare Officer

    Heads of Learning

    Miss Jen Lockyer Head of Learning Year 7

    Mr Andrew Philips Head of Learning Year 8

    Mr James Sayer Head of Learning Year 9

    Mr Martin Grant-Hudson Head of Learning Year 10

    Ms Michaela Forsyth Head of Learning Year 11

    Mr Chris Rees Head of Learning Sixth Form

    Pastoral support is effective in removing the barriers to learning that some pupils face and ensuring that they stay in school and progress to college or training.


    Our London based boys school takes pride on offering a range of stimulating extra-curricular activities for our pupils that rival any London school. Read more about our activities outside the classroom here or visit this page to read more about School Clubs.

    As a small London boys school with a comprehensive intake of pupils, Westminster City School has a supportive family atmosphere with a strong sense of community and inclusion. All pupils are involved in assemblies and services and our school chaplain offers counselling and support for all pupils. Boys also volunteer their help and raise money for a number of charitable organisations. Read more about our charitable endeavours here.

    School Cadet Unit

    Our Westminster City School Army Cadet Unit gives our pupils access to fun, friendship, action and adventure. We challenge boys to learn more, do more and try more. We inspire them to aim high and give them the skills, values and attitudes to go further in life, no matter what they aim to do.

    The ACF is a national, voluntary, uniformed youth organisation. They offer a broad range of challenging adventurous and educational activities, some of them on a military theme, but all of them designed to help your son develop and thrive. The ACF is sponsored by the Army but not part of it, which means there is absolutely no requirement on cadets to join any of the Armed Forces.

    The school cadet unit is currently commanded by Lt. J Wilson (also Headmaster) who is ably assisted by Sgt. Lionel Bush (also a learning support assistant)

    We parade every Wednesday at 5pm to 7pm. The cadets is usually open to students in the spring term of Year 9 and Lt. Wilson will inform boys of when recruitment begins. Cadets take part in a number of outdoor activities including: Map and Compass/navigation; Skill at arms; Fieldcraft; First aid; Adventurous training; Physical achievement; Military knowledge.

    Cadets normally go on at least 4 weekend camps per year including Christmas, Easter, first aid and fieldcraft. The main event of the year is a two week annual camp during the summer holiday. There are also sporting events such as football, athletics and cross-country and ceremonial events such as Remembrance Sunday.