The Role of Parents

    We cannot stress too highly the importance of your role in supporting the school and encouraging your son to achieve as much as he can as well as he can. We depend on you particularly for:

    • Informing us about lateness and absence. Please telephone the school on 020 7963 6300 before 9.00am or email
    • Providing a quiet environment for homework, signing his homework planner weekly and looking in his exercise books regularly.
    • Making sure your son/ward is in full uniform and reminding him to bring the appropriate 'kit' for swimming/PE days and for games sessions.
    • Attending school events and parent evenings.

    Do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any concerns or questions that need clarification. A weekly e-bulletin will be mailed each week to inform you of upcoming events.

    Please help us to support the education of your son.


    School-home Partnership

    By working together we can help to ensure that Westminster City School meets the needs of all its pupils.

    Make sure your son attends school regularly and on time

    Two of the most important things you can do for the education of your son are to ensure that he

    attends regularly and to see that he arrives on time. Our target attendance figure is 96%.

    Check the homework diary/ planner

    This is a key link between school and home. It has been specially designed to help parents, pupils and


    Please be sure to:

    • Check it at least once a week
    • Sign it and write comments to staff where appropriate
    • Contact school if there is a problem


    Attend parents' consultation meetings

    These are publicised well in advance and give you the opportunity to meet the school staff. Please note the dates in your diary and make them top priority.


    Alert school to any problem

    If there is a problem that is affecting, or may affect, the education of your son please talk to his form tutor and/or Head of Learning about it.

    We can also offer the appropriate help from:

    • The School Medical Service
    • The Educational Psychologist
    • The Education Welfare Officer
    • Outside counselling agencies

    Striving for excellence, learning for life

    If your son is given clear messages by both you and us that we cooperate fully and support each other over his education, his years at Westminster City School will be successful.


    Procedure for Expressing Concern

    We try hard to get things right but understand that from time to time you may have concerns about an

    aspect of your child’s life at school. If so, please contact an appropriate member of staff as soon as

    possible. We take all expressions of concern seriously and follow them up promptly. In the first instance

    your son's form tutor or head of learning should be contacted.