Literacy is at the heart of everything we do at Westminster. We believe that the ability to read, to write and to speak with confidence and fluency is the key to future success. Each member of staff is a passionate advocate of language and learning. Our lessons are built on the premise that all students will have the opportunity to develop their comprehension and vocabulary, to write extended pieces of work and to learn the convention and art of debate.

    The literacy entitlement

    • Your son will attend lessons at Westminster City School in which reading, writing and speaking & listening are regularly supported and practised, regardless of subject area;
    • Your son’s reading age will be taken into consideration in the use of resources, with the aim that he will be challenged to improve by acquiring new vocabulary and concepts;
    • Your son will read in each subject area, where appropriate, to increase his exposure to ideas and vocabulary;
    • Your son will have access to a range of classic and contemporary literature for free in a well-equipped and helpful school Library;
    • Your son will be expected to practise and improve his handwriting in class and through support clubs such as Handwriting Club;
    • Your son will have the entitlement to write at length, where appropriate, in each subject area and out of class through clubs and competitions;
    • Your son will be challenged to develop his speaking and listening ability in interactions with staff and students, thereby learning the value of verbal full sentence construction and modes of formality.

    Reading for pleasure

    All Year 7 students from September 2015 will have access to an e-reader that they can use in school and at home. We expect all Year 7 students to read in form time and they will be set reading homework. Our aim is to ensure that our students have read a wide range of classic and contemporary literature by the time they leave the school.

    We want all students to become readers for life. Our Westminster School Library is equipped with a wide range of titles to entice even the most reluctant readers! We encourage our boys to attend the Library to borrow books regularly and our highly-qualified and experienced Librarian is on hand to help students find the books they need.

    Resources for home support

    From the National Literacy Trust, resources to support your child’s early literacy:

    Supporting your son’s reading at home:

    Helping to choose books:

    A comprehensive guide to all things English and Literacy related:

    A subscription site that allows you to download resources for literacy homework:

    Parents often ask if they can be given a book list for their son. You can find our recommended book list here for Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 below.

    The Library

    The school has a wonderful library that is full of fantastic books specifically aimed at helping boys reading and learning skills.

    There are 20 iMac computers which can be used by pupils to complete home work or course work tasks and a separate mezzanine for Westminster City School sixth form students to study.

    The Library is managed by our Librarian Mrs Joshi and open every day the school is in session between 8.00am and 4.30pm.

    Key Stage 3 Reading List | PDF

    Key Stage 4 Reading List | PDF

    Key Stage 5 Reading List | PDF