Key Stage 5

    Choosing your subjects

    The majority of students choose three A Level subjects to study at the beginning of Year 12. This allows you to access the maximum teaching time available. Students with a strong academic record may choose four full A Levels, including Further Mathematics, or an Extended Project Qualification which is highly valued by universities. We follow a rigorous internal assessment process, culminating in your formal external A Level exams at the end of Year 13. Some subjects will also have coursework elements. This is the strongest curriculum for you, as universities and employers make offers on three predicted A Level Grades.

    Most combinations of A Levels are available. This includes Science and Humanities A Levels, or a combination of the two. Subject staff will also be happy to talk in more detail about their subjects. All of our A Levels are challenging and exciting and can lead onto fantastic university courses and careers.


    Subject Exam Board Code GCSE Entry Requirements
    Business AQA 8610 English & Maths 6
    Biology AQA 7402 Biology/Combined Science 5 - English 6
    Chemistry AQA 7405 Chemistry/Combined Science 5 - Maths 6
    Economics OCR H460 General entry requirements
    English Literature Edexcel 9ETO English Language & Literature 6
    Geography AQA 7037 Geography or English 6
    Government & Politics Edexcel  9GP01 Essay based subject 6
    History OCR H505 History or essay based subject 6
    Mathematics Edexcel 9371 Mathematics 7
    Further Mathematics Edexcel 9372 Mathematics 8
    Physics AQA 7408 Physics/Combined Science 6 (must also study Mathematics)
    Psychology AQA 7182 English Language or Literature 6 - Other Science 6
    Religious Studies AQA 7062 English Language 6
    Sociology AQA 7192 English Language 6


    We also offer other subjects through the Sixth Form Westminster Consortium on a case-by-case basis. For further details about this, please contact

    Offers and entrance requirements

    The offer of a place is conditional on your performance at GCSE.

    The minimum entry requirement for A Level courses is five full GCSE grades at 5 and above including English and Maths. Students are also expected to meet the entrance requirements for each subject, which in most cases is a GCSE grade at 6 and above in that subject.

    The Sixth Form students in particular are very good ambassadors for the school. They epotomise the ambitions the school has for its students...