Key Stage 3

    Years 7 & 8

    In Years 7 & 8 all pupils follow a curriculum of English, mathematics, science, languages, geography, history, religious studies, physical education, design technology, computer science, art & design and performing arts. Some pupils also study Spanish as an additional language.

    All lessons are taught in ability streams from the very first day in Year 7 as we believe this is the most effective method for pupils of all abilities to make progress. Pupil groups are regularly reviewed to monitor individual progress. Some classes receive additional time and support in English to help ensure they have reached level 5 by the end of Year 8.

    All pupils also study a comprehensive PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education) and citizenship programme which includes health, enterprise, economic & political awareness and careers education.

    Key Stage 3 Timetable

    The school week has thirty 50-minute periods, divided in Year 7 & 8 as follows:

    Subject Lessons per week
    English 6
    Science 5
    Mathematics 4
    Physical Education 2
    Design and Technology 2
    Geography 2
    History 2
    Languages 2
    Religious Studies 2
    Art and Design 1
    Computer Science 1
    Performing Arts 1
    Total 30

    Pupils who need extra help with numeracy, reading and/or writing, or for whom English is an additional language, are helped in lessons by a support teacher or a support assistant. They might also be withdrawn from some lessons to meet individual requirements.