Why should I join Westminster City School?

    Westminster City School offers a unique Sixth Form experience that combines academic excellence, strong pastoral support and enviable business links. As a member of the Sixth Form at Westminster City School you will enjoy the freedom and independence that goes hand-in–hand with your new status as a student. We will provide you with a sixth form experience that bridges the gap between school and university. Moreover, as part of a larger school community you will also enjoy a wide range of opportunities for leadership, from acting as a prefect to undertaking roles as a Mentor or subject ambassador.

    What sort of grades will I need?

    To meet the general entry requirements you will need five GCSE passes at grades 5 and above, including Mathematics and English.

    More details about the specific entry requirements for each subject can be found below.

    Key Stage 5 Curriculum


    As an external student, will I feel left out?

    Moving to a new school is an exciting and daunting prospect and the Sixth Form tutor team at Westminster City are here to help make the transition smooth and enjoyable. Every year there is a significant intake of external students into Year 12 and you will join a form with a mixture of existing and other new students. We are a small and close knit Sixth Form and with the support of your form tutor and fellow students you will quickly make new friends and settle into the rhythm of school life.

    What will the classes be like?

    You will notice a significant change from your experience at GCSE, as you focus in on a smaller number of subjects in greater depth. The subjects will continue to be demanding and require dedication, determination and commitment, but you will also notice a new relationship with your teachers. The Sixth Form requires a new partnership between you and your teacher and although styles will vary between subjects and teachers you will be encouraged to pursue independent research, ask questions and take responsibility for your learning.

    What can I study?

    Westminster City School offers a range of subject choices at A Level and further details of the courses on offer can be found on this site. Advice about subject combinations is always available from the Sixth Form tutorial team.

    Key Stage 5 Curriculum

    Can I study after school?

    After school students can stay in school to devote time to homework tasks or revision. Between 3.30pm and 5.00pm every Monday to Friday during term time, students can work in the study suite and use the computers and reference books available there, to assist them with their work. These sessions will be supervised by a member of staff. Many students also stay in school after 3.30pm to take part in subject specific revision sessions these are run and supervised by subject teachers.

    Can I come and look around the school?

    Yes! The best way to get a feel for life in the Sixth Form is to come and visit us, and take the opportunity to come to talk to staff and students about life in the Sixth Form. In addition to our Open Events we are always keen to welcome you and answer questions!

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