Curriculum overview

    Westminster City School is a Central London boys’ school which provides a curriculum that meets the needs of individual learners and allows them every opportunity for success. From Year 7 to Sixth Form, our curriculum is broad, rich and flexible and designed to provide all pupils with a firm grasp of the fundamentals whilst allowing an appropriate degree of specialisation and depth. A focus on progress in English and mathematics is at the heart of our curriculum providing a strong foundation for subsequent study at GCSE and A Level.

    This school has given me various choices and opportunities which allows me to extend my knowledge and help me in the future.

    Amaan Ahmad 9D

    I’ve made great friends, taken part in so many activities and I have achieved a lot. I am really happy that I attend this school, its fantastic.

    Alfie Bingham Year 12

    Transition into secondary school

    In primary school pupils are taught mainly by one teacher who will cover a wide range of different subjects. At Westminster City School all lessons are taught in ability streams by subject specialist teachers from the very first day in Year 7 because we believe this is the most effective method for pupils of all abilities to make progress. 

    Year 7 boys relish the challenge and variety of different subjects but initially the frequent movement from class to class and the number of subject teachers they meet can be a significant change from their primary school experience.

    We support pupils through their transition and ensure they settle in, make friends and enjoy coming to school.

    Fast track curriculum

    At Westminster City School, we allow pupils to take exams at appropriate stages in their school career, including taking an exam early and re-sitting an exam if needed. We believe in a stage not age curriculum and OFSTED agrees, judging our curriculum as outstanding during their last inspection. If allowing a pupil to re-sit an exam enables them to achieve a higher grade then that’s exactly what we should do. We do what’s best for our pupils, not just what’s best for the league tables and are proud of our stance.

    The fast track curriculum is designed to enable the brightest pupils to achieve exam success required by the leading group of UK universities.

    Talented pupils with high academic ability can be accelerated through the curriculum, sitting GCSEs in Year 10 whilst also gaining the English Baccalaureate. Specialist courses such as Astronomy, studied at the Greenwich Royal Observatory are also available. A Levels can be started early, ensuring that each pupil has the best possible chance of gaining the highest A Level grades and qualifying for the best universities.

    The opportunity to take my GCSE exams a year, and in the case of English Literature: two years in advance has been invaluable to me. As a result of the hard work of all the teaching staff, and my own revision, I achieved 10 A*s at GCSE in Year 10. This enabled me to transfer to the school's sixth form a year earlier than a student normally would do, meaning I can work even harder and potentially go to university a year earlier, or I have an extra 'buffer' year, which allows me to either take more A Levels and further qualifications such as the mathematics STEP programme, which is highly regarded by Russell Group Universities.

    Arb Xhameni, Year 12 Student

    I enjoy school due to the variety of subjects on offer and how the teachers motivate me.

    Hamish Hardiman 10K

    Academic opportunity

    Some routes are designed to fast track our most able pupils so they can complete their GCSEs in Year 10 and begin AS levels in Year 11. A wide range of GCSE options are available including triple science, modern foreign languages and economics. These routes also allow pupils to study GCSEs in the subjects of their choice over three years and thus achieve the highest grades possible.

    Our aim is for all pupils to meet or exceed their target grades and we use early entry to ensure the most able pupils reach the highest grades at GCSE and A Level. It is never used to cap pupils at a C grade.

    Academic achievement

    Our results are well above the national average and we have particularly strong results in mathematics and the sciences. Our intention is that all pupils, regardless of ability, follow a curriculum that enables them to achieve the threshold of at least 5 A*-C GCSE grades including English and mathematics as a minimum. This will enable pupils to access A levels or further vocational studies post-16.

    We encourage pupils to aim for A* grades so they have the widest possible choice of A Levels and higher education courses.

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