Westminster City School’s Chaplain is the Rev Garry Swinton (Anglican), who is also a member of the Religious Studies and History Departments. He endeavours to exercise a pastoral ministry among all pupils and staff who belong to the school community. This ministry includes home and hospital visits as well as counselling and support for pupils and families who may be suffering domestic issues, serious illness or deaths. Do not hesitate to contact the Chaplain he may be able to help. Complete confidentiality is assured.

    Westminster City School maintains a Christian ethos.

    The Chaplain is responsible for arranging services of worship and school assemblies, and relies upon the support of colleagues and students. All who belong have a contribution to make to this aspect of school life. However, we welcome pupils from all faiths and we place great emphasis on community and support for one another.

    The Chaplaincy also facilitates teams of worship and charity prefects from each tutor group. Worship prefects and charity prefects respectively assist form tutors in providing a short time of prayer each day during registration and are involved in organising funding raising activities for charities chosen by the pupils each year.

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    Please do not hesitate to approach the Chaplain for yourself or on behalf of a colleague or pupil.

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